All the Questions


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Q: How are reservations confirmed?
A: Reservations are confirmed by email from Google and a balance due statement from the registrars.

Q: When do I need to pay the balance due?
A: The balance is due immediately upon receipt of confirmation of your balance due statement from the camp registrar. The Registrar will email payment updates and balance due. Please make payment no later than one week before camp, June 7th.

Q. How do I make a payment?
A. To pay for the camp, submit your payment here

Q: When does registration open and close?
A: Registration opens April 1 and closes May 29.

Q: I understand we get camp T-shirts. How do we order them and how do we decide the size?
A: The T-shirts are ordered on the registration form. The sizing information is here.

Q: What are the accommodations like?
A: It depends on where you’re staying. Check out the accommodation descriptions on the main page.

Q: Are linens and towels provided in the lodges?
A: No, campers need to provide their own bedding and bath towels. Many bring sleeping bags, and several like to bring an extra comfort bedding mat and their own pillow.

Q: Are the accommodations air-conditioned?
A: No, only the Chapel and Dining Hall are air-conditioned. Personal or portable fans are recommended for the rooms to help with air circulation, especially if the weather turns warm.

Q: How are rooms assigned?
A: Rooms are assigned on a first come, first serve basis and are accommodated as the registrar is able. If the camp fills up, registrations will be placed on waiting list in the order received. Please indicate if you have a preferred roommate.

Q: Is priority given to room assignment?
A: Yes, first floor lodge rooms are given priority to 1) families with young children, 2) pregnant moms, and 3) individuals with medical conditions or a handicap.

Q: May someone stay in my room who is not a member of my family?
A: Yes, families often team up together to make accommodations work. It is required that you let the registrar know ahead of time with a comment in the “special comment” section of the registration form.

Q: What forms are required to attend family camp?
A: A health screening form and a medical release form must be completed for each camper before attending. To make your check-in process faster, email the forms to prior to camp. If you are unable, you may give them when you check in. 

Q: What time is camp Check-in Time?
A: Check-in time starts at Monday, 4PM.

Q: What time is dinner Monday evening?
A: Dinner starts at 5:30 PM. You may go to dinner if you have not yet checked–in at registration.

Q: Are there microwaves or refrigerators for special food preparation?
A: The Dining Hall kitchen has a variety of food to choose from. However, to accommodate special preparation, the Pinecrest Suites and Nurses Quarters have microwaves and refrigerators that campers can share for food storage and special food preparation.

Q: What should I bring for snack time?
A: Please bring some snacks to share for the Fellowship Time between the meetings. This can be muffins, cookies, chips, dip, breads, fruit, nuts, etc., nothing that needs to be refrigerated.

Q: What activities does Pinecrest Conference Center offer?
A: Based upon availability and management discretion, Pinecrest Conference Center offers the use of the swimming pool, skateboard park, rock climbing wall, zip-line, gym and other activities. There are also sign-up sheets for volleyball, basketball, corn hole, archery and other activities will be made available in the Conference Chapel.

Q: Should I bring sport equipment from home?
A: Yes, it is helpful to the athletic coordinator to bring sports equipment for games and activities. Be sure to adequately label and identify items with your name.

Q: Will an offering be taken at camp?
A: Yes, each year we take a special offering for the Camp Speaker(s). This can be done on our donate page.

Q: Are scholarship funds available to help pay for camp cost?
A: Yes. There is an application request form. Call or send an email to the camp registrar for the application.

Q: Is there WI-FI at camp?
A: Yes, in the Dining Hall and Chapel. However, there are limitations as to the number that can of “sign-on” PineCrest is implementing yet incomplete upgrades. It is recommended that attendees active personal Smart Phone “hot spot” feature, if WI-FI access is a must have.

Q: What should I bring?
A. If you are going to use the pool, remember to bring a pool towel. A flashlight for getting around at night. Some parents like to bring plug-in night-lights, as the rooms can get quite dark at night. Parents of little ones should bring booster seats for the dining hall. Anything needed for performing at Talent Night. Spectator lawn chairs are a good idea. Remember bath soap and shampoo. Bottled water to stay hydrated. Bottles can be refilled at the Dining Hall. Many families bring a window fan or two.

Q: What does the children’s program involve?
A. Each morning we meet all together in the main meeting space at 9:00. After singing and announcements, the children nursery age to age 14 leave for their program at 9:30am. After a group meeting including a skit and songs, the children break into four classes: Alphas - ages 3-5, Betas – ages 6-8, Gammas – ages 9-11, and Deltas – ages 12-14. Each class has a teacher and a teacher’s assistant who lead the kids in Bible teaching, Bible memory, snacks, crafts and games! Classes end at 11:45 when the morning session is finished for the adults. At Family Camp, we make sure all our kids have classes that help them grow in Christ and connect with each other in a safe and fun environment.

Q: Is there a nursery?
A. Yes, there is! The nursery is downstairs under the meeting hall. Nursery is provided for children under 3. The nursery is open Tuesday – Friday, from 9:30 am until 11:45 am and Monday evening through Thursday evening from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. There are bathrooms nearby, and it is an air-conditioned room. Parent volunteers will staff the nursery as well as other helpers. A variety of toys will be available and a short Bible story and coloring activity. Parents should label all their child’s items. Parents should also bring a drink and snack for each of the four days.